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woodart of nature
Horst Amrhein
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The metamorphosis from a blank fruit tree to unique is my personal fingerprint.

As an example of nature the dragonfly makes this special
metamorphosis too and therefore I decide to choose the icon for my logo.

The authenticity is confirmed by the fire seal FiresealAmrhein.

All my artworks are created from local fruit trees with pure love and passion,
designed for indoor use.
(Fireplace, living room ... foyer, restaurant till as a highlight for an exhibition fair)

Each sculpture is kiln dried and the rotten wood is removed. This is followed by many other manual handling operations such as four times - fold sanding by hand, brushing, cleaning up to three times finishing with a special linseed oil. The aim is to keep the wood grain, the natural color as well the whole aura of the tree which should be remain unforgettable.

The unique sculptures are not sensitive and want to be felt and sensed. The spirit and the energy of an ancient fruit tree is a symbol for elemental force and strength from Mother Earth.

His unique tree trunk, protected behind hard rind, expressed intensively lived history with the irrepressible will, each year is to wear new fruits.

This rustic tree acts now as mystical illuminated unique and will be immortal.